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Dear friend, Shalom

It's my duty as well as a great pleasure to bring into this document all the necessary elements to allow you to recognize Rael, the Mashiach. The Jewish people has suffered so much, it is now a great joy to know that he is finally among us.

Rael, the Mashiach, has given me the task of informing you of his presence, and of the particular request made by the Elohim and addressed to us, their direct descendants, the Jewish people. They want the Third Temple, their embassy on Earth, to be built near Jerusalem. Will you seize this opportunity to meet the Mashiach and do you want to help him to achieve the mission entrusted to him by our Creators? It's also my duty to warn you that if the State of Israel does not grant us land near Jerusalem for the construction of the embassy, Israel will be destroyed and it will be another Diaspora for us. This is by no means a threat but a reminder of the message addressed to us, the Jewish people by YHWH Elohim.

May the wisdom of the Elohim guide you and may you see the light of their last messenger, Rael the Mashiach. Shalom!

Leon Mellul, Raelian Guide

Director for Semitic Affairs Worldwide
Copyright 2007 International Raelian Movement
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