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Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron as well as all the prophets and kings of Israel have been contacted by the Elohim, and today we have the chance to live in the era of their last messenger Rael. Friends of Jewish origin, wherever you are, Rael the long awaited Mashiach is finally among us.

The Torah is renewed by the light of the Mashiach. He makes us discover its hidden truth. The Elohim's messages which he brings to us in "The True Face of God" carry an immense hope for each Jew and for humanity as a whole.

Let us respond and become aware of our role for the Mashiach and of our commitment to the Elohim. It is a duty for us Jews to help Rael to spread our Creator's messages and to prepare their arrival. Let us imagine ourselves in front of them on that day. Let us feel the happiness of having taken part instead of feeling embarrassed of not having done anything. We, Raelians and Jews who wish to welcome the Elohim, we are Israel, because we are Rael's people.

Alleluia ! Shalom,

Leon Mellul
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