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Listen Israel! The Mashiach is among us.
Dear coreligionists

You have heard many Rabbis state that the messianic times are here. You may also have learned from them that the Mashiach is already among us. This information is correct. The Mashiach has given me the mandate to contact you and give you all the information as to the origin of life on Earth.

25’000 years ago, the ELOHIM (plural of ELOHA and meaning "those who came from the sky" which was mistranslated as GOD) came to Earth and created life in their laboratories through the synthesis of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and their expertise in genetic engineering.

Throughout the ages, the ELOHIM have sent us all the prophets of every religion, among them the most important are Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed. The mission of these prophets was to relay the messages of our creators in anticipation of our time, which is now at the age of revelation or the messianic era.

The reason Hitler wanted to eliminate all the Jews of central Europe, is that they knew that the Mashiach was to be born during that time, among the Jewish people, and that in killing him he would change the course of history. The Mashiach was born in France in 1946.

Similar events occurred twice in the past: the first time when the Pharaoh, knowing that Moses was to be born in Egypt gave the order to kill all the male infants born among the Jews. The second time was when Herod, king of Israel, had all the new-borns killed to keep Jesus from being born. A you can see, history has repeated itself three times since the beginning of the world.

The Mashiach is the son of an ELOHA and a daughter of the Earth. He is the last of the Prophets. The ELOHIM gave him the name RAEL. They are requesting through him, that the government of ISRAEL concedes a piece of land so that we can build them an Embassy, the Third Temple, and welcome them to JERUSALEM. This is the land they had given to our ancestors in anticipation of our times, for as you know, the whole purpose of the state of ISRAEL is to recognise the MASHIACH and to help him build the Third Temple.

When I heard about the messages given to RAEL by the ELOHIM, I began my research in many books such as the Torah, Tehelim, Yom Kippur, Zohar, etc. I have accumulated much proof that confirms that the messages given to Rael by our creators, the Elohim are true. I can prove it to any Rabbi or to any member of our community.

Moreover, according to Hebrew law, if two Jews testify, the Rabbis have the duty and obligation to verify the truthfulness of their saying. We are several Jews to testify that Rael is the Mashiach. Do Rabbis enforce the true laws of Moses, of the Talmud or the Halacha? Is it in fear of power loss that this may cause them? Or is it that they cannot prove the contrary of what I am putting forward.


Leon Mellul Spokesman of the Mashiach among the International Jewish Community.
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