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Message from YHWH Elohim to the people of Israel
"The state of Israel must give a territory situated near Jerusalem to the Guide of the Guides so that he may erect the residence, the Elohim's embassy there. The time has come, people of Israel, to build the new Jerusalem as was foreseen. Rael is the announced one, reread your writings and open your eyes.

We wish to have our embassy among our descendants since the people of Israel is composed of descendants of the children born from the unions between "sons of the Elohim and daughters of men."

People of Israel, we took you out of the grip of the Egyptians, and you did not show yourselves worthy of our confidence; we entrusted you with a message for the whole of humanity, and you jealously kept it for yourselves instead of spreading it; you have long suffered for your errors but the time of forgiveness has come; and as planned, we have said: "To the North, give, and to the South, do not hold back."

I summoned your sons and daughters from the ends of the world. As Isaiah had written, you were able to find your country again, and in it, you will live in peace if you listen to the last prophet, the one who was announced to you, if you help accomplish what we ask of him.

This is your last chance, otherwise another country will welcome the guide of guides and erect our embassy on its territory, and that country will be close to yours, it will be protected and happiness shall prevail, and the state of Israel will be destroyed one more.

You, child of Israel, who has not yet returned to the ancestral grounds, wait before going there, and see if the government will accept that our embassy be erected there. If it is refused, do not go back, and you will be one of those who will be saved from destruction and whose descendants will be able to find the promised land again one day, when the time comes.

People of Israel, recognise the one announced to you, and give him the territory to erect our embassy, for if not, as it happened two thousand years ago, it will be built elsewhere. If it stands in another country, you will be scattered one more.

If two thousand yeas ago, you had recognised Jesus as our messenger, all the Christians in the world would not be Christians, but Jews, and you would not have had problems; you would have remained our ambassadors. But instead this task was given to other men who took Rome for their base. Two thousand years ago, you did not recognise our messenger and it was not Jerusalem but Rome that shone. Now you have a new chance for Jerusalem to shine, but if you do not take it another country will, and you will be no more.

If you truly believe in the writings that your ancestors have bequeathed you, child of Israel, open your door and your heart to Rael, the Mashiach who has been declared unto you.

The responsibility of recognising Rael as the Mashiach and building the Embassy of the Elohim near Jerusalem, does not rest solely on the government of the State of Israel, on the rabbis nor on the leaders of the Jewish communities around the planet. This responsibility rests on your shoulders, on the shoulders of each son and daughter of Israel wherever you may be on the surface of the globe, and you alone are responsible for your decisions or your actions.

Whether or not the government of Israel has jurisdiction over Jerusalem, the Embassy of the Elohim will be built near Jerusalem, for the Elohim have decided that it be so.

Be aware that the name "Rael" is the root of the word "Israel" and without roots, the tree cannot live.

page 216 of the book "The True Face of God" dictated to Rael by YHWH Elohim on October 7 1975 2nd day of the month of CHESHVAN 5736
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