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Message from the Mashiach to the People of Israel
People of Israel, I am speaking to you with deep feelings – you who are in the right place, at the right time, together. The only reason for the State of Israel to exist, is the day we are all working for, the day of the arrival of the Elohim, our creators. Think about how privileged you are to be the people located at the exact spot the Elohim have chosen to arrive. Our beloved creators, responsible for everything, both good and bad, that has happened to you, would love to meet their chosen people, their beloved people, and come back among you to guarantee millennia of peace and fraternity. Not only for you, People of Israel, but equally for all nations of the Earth whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist, who will finally be reunited around those who created humanity in their image on Earth.

And they want this to happen in your land. They could very well have chosen Africa, Asia, Europe or America. But no, they have chosen Jerusalem, city of celestial peace, the beloved city of their hearts, close to the land in which you have the immense privilege to live.

Will your heart be hard and cold; will you refuse to welcome them? Or will you open your arms to give them the love they deserve as our creators? You are free to choose.

They are not invaders, yet they could be, for they are responsible for the breath that keeps us alive, for the flesh that gives us our senses. They could come and invade every country, destroying all the people on Earth as they did during the Flood. No, they want us to welcome them if we want to, to invite them and to build the embassy they are hoping for.

How would you feel if the embassy were built somewhere else? What if it were built soon in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine or Costa Rica? Imagine that the Elohim, this beloved people of your book the Torah, the Old Testament of the Bible, the same people for whom you have been waiting for millennia, arrived elsewhere? What would your feelings be; is this thinkable? That day, would you not have the feeling of having betrayed those who chose you to bring their word to every place on Earth?

The multitudes have gathered, the North has let them come. From the East and South and everywhere the Jews of the world have gathered. Why? To welcome our creators!

So, I will not walk upon the land of Israel until this embassy is constructed or at least until the work begins.

And with all my heart I hope it happens in Jerusalem and not somewhere else.

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