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Duties of Prophets
"Son of man, speak to the children of your people and tell them: when I bring the sword upon a country and that the people of that country take a man to its bosom and establish him as a sentinel, if this man sees the sword coming upon the country, he sounds the trumpet and warns the people; if the one who hears the sound of the trumpet is not warned and the sword surprises him, his blood shall be on his head."

"If he hears the sound of the trumpet, and would not be warned, his blood will be on him, if he allows himself to be warned he will be saved."

"If the sentinel sees the sword coming, and does not sound the trumpet, if the people are not warned, and the sword takes someone's life, the sentinel will die because of his iniquity, but I will ask the sentinel to give me back his blood." (Ezechiel 33.1.6)

As you see from reading the text taken from "Duties of Prophets" we, who know the messages given to Rael by the Elohim, are obliged to warn you of the dangers threatening Israel. We also have to remind you that Jewish history is filled with disastrous consequences for Israel and its people because it did not listen to the messages brought by the different prophets sent to it.

Twice the Temple dedicated to the Elohim was destroyed, provoking the exodus of the people of Israel. Today, the time has come to build the Third Temple because Rael, the Mashiach, is here among us.

Several thousand witnesses all over the world attest to his presence. His arrival was announced on March 25, 48 (1993) to the sound of Shofar Godol before the Wailing Wall by Leon Mellul his spokesman, and a delegation of more than 50 Raelians from five continents.

Since that date, the number of UFO sightings in Israel is increasing constantly. Dr. W. C. Levengood, biophysician charged to analyse traces left by UFO's on a beach, clearly indicate that the ground underwent changes. Yitzhak Mordehaï, ex-chief of police of Bet-Shean and over twenty thousand Israeli soldiers have seen UFO's going back and forth between the Jordanian and Israeli borders. Journalist Barry Chamish states in this tape that according to several Israeli ufologists and religious scholars (the real ones), the Torah is the story of contacts between extra terrestrials and the people of Israel. He also states that the cloud which watched over the Jewish people in the desert during the exodus from Egypt was really a UFO.

We are not asking you to believe us. Do your own research and maybe your eyes will open and you will see the truth.

Recognise the signs given to you, and welcome the Mashiach and help him, with all your might, to build the third temple, or there be will be a new Jewish Diaspora.

You have been warned, you are now, in your turn, a sentinel for the Israeli people.

May your consciousness be guided by the messages of the Elohim.
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